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5 key secrets to empower and retain your workforce using the latest digital insights and tools

Date: 10/09/2020 Time: 11:00am BST


Employees are one of your greatest assets and require significant investment in both time and cost. As a result companies are always looking to improve efficiency throughout their organisations and Human Resources departments are not immune from that drive. Reducing administration, streamlining employee data collection, and managing payroll and benefits.

This is where Employee Self–Service systems can assist and add value. Employee Self-Service is an online application that allows employees to update and make changes to their personnel information.

When employee self-service software is implemented, employees can update personal data, certifications, accreditations. This is a great way to reduce manual data entry and its associated issues such as errors and duplications.

5 Benefits of Self Service

Employee Self Service has many benefits including:

1. Time Savings – Manual data entry takes an awful amount of time. By allowing employees to update and manage their own personnel data you free up HR professionals to conduct other, more strategic, tasks.

2. Employee Engagement – Empowering employees to maintain and control their own personnel data increases engagement of the workforce. This, in turn, reduces staff turnover and recruitment costs.

3. Accuracy - When your employees have responsibility for their data, nothing gets lost in translation. Your data is more accurate and up to date meaning that you have more actionable insights into your operations allowing you to improve strategic decision making.

4. ComplianceEmployee Self-Service reduces mistakes and omissions which in turn reduces the potential for compliance breaches. Having visibility of compliance levels over time will not only reduce the reporting overheads but will also allow to plan operations and training much more efficiently.

5. Absence & Training ManagementEmployees request leave or book training courses. Managers can see at a glance who is available at any given time. In addition the ability to see trends in absences enables you to identify potential issues and plan accordingly.

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Per Ove Kviteberg - Director of Sales, Adonis AS.

Co/founder and Charman of the Board in the Norwegian software house Adonis. A specialist in international Human Resource and Payroll Systems, having spent 30+ years in various sales and marketing positions in the company, working globally.

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Konrad Thomasson – Digital Transformation Director, Intergence Systems Ltd. Konrad heads up our Digital Change practice. He has over 20 years of experience delivering change programmes across a broad range of industry sectors and cultures. He recently led a large digital transformation for a travel and transportation business located on the south coast.